Jul 29
Peak Oil May Not Be As Expected!

​Since the mid 1970's oil industry analysts have been predicting 'peak petroleum' production by the end of the second decade of the current century. But as it's turning out peak fossil fuel consumption may be ahead!

The world may just need less fossil fuels to get by​

Jun 21
Get Ready It's Coming!
Jun 10
Natural Gas Is Already Losing To Renewables!
Jun 03
Yet There is a Readily Available Solution...
Jun 03
Climate Change Indicators from EPA...
Jun 03
The Latest NOAA Climate Analysis
Apr 29
The Solar Future is Here!
Apr 16
Fossil Fuels Lost the Race...
Apr 15
A Sobering Look...
Apr 15
It Pays to Divest!!!

​Investors who dumped holdings in coal, oil and gas earned an average return of 1.2% more a year over last five years, data from the world’s leading stock market index reveals

From Fossil Fuels...

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